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2 October 2013 Prague, Czech Republic


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8:45 - 9:15


9:15 - 10:00

Keynote: Business Value of UX

Gavin Lew Gavin Lew

Executive Vice President

GfK User Centric

Gavin Lew

Prior to founding User Centric in 1999, Gavin had over 20 years of experience in corporate and academic environments, leading usability and design teams responsible for customer satisfaction of mobile devices, software interfaces, voice messaging systems, and web applications. As a former president of an Internet start-up, Principal at a Web development company, member of Ameritech‘s human factors group, and Director at Human Factors International, Gavin brings the variety of experience necessary to meet clients’ needs and build teams unique to each project. He is an adjunct faculty member at the DePaul University and a frequent presenter at conferences. He is also the lead inventor of several patents. Gavin has an MA in Experimental Psychology from Loyola University.

Robert Schumacher Robert Schumacher

Executive Vice President

GfK User Centric

Robert Schumacher

Bob has more than 25 years of experience applying usability within corporate and a cademic environments. He has extensive management - level experience and has worked in telecommunications and travel - related companies. Bob has written standards for graphical user interfaces, invented a patent for a browser (with several more pending) and published dozens of technical and industry articles. He lectures frequently on user interface design. Bob has particular expertise in developing metrics for user performance and applying these metrics to financial models and business cases. He holds a PhD in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

10:00 - 10:30

Case Study: Transform your Business with Customer-Focused Design and Innovation

Great design and innovation has helped AVG attract and retain 150 million customers across desktop and mobile solutions worldwide. What could it do for you?
Bruce McRae Haldane Bruce McRae Haldane

Vice President – Product Management and Customer Experience

AVG Technologies

Bruce McRae Haldane

Bruce is a seasoned consumer product and service management executive with over 20 years of experience. He has been conceiving, delivering and optimizing innovative, market-leading and award-winning digital products and services (mobile, desktop and web) to hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe. In his career Bruce has helped NASDAQ and NYSE brands establish themselves as thought-leaders and break out of their traditional categories. Motto: Knowledge is important, but imagination, experience, relationships and a sense of urgency are, in the end, what makes the difference.

10:30 - 10:55

Integration of UX into Product Strategy

User Experience is becoming increasing mainstream in large organizations as the concept becomes better understood. Simon Herd has been helping organizations develop their capability for over 15 years, both as an insider and an external consultant. 

In this talk you will learn some relevant UX trends internationally and what you can do put the customer at the centre of product strategy

Simon Herd Simon Herd

Research Director

Serco ExperienceLab

Simon Herd

Simon Herd has experience in successfully applying Human Factors to systems development that pre-dates the Web and has also worked in other development roles such as Business Analyst. Prior to joining ExperienceLab, he was a senior member of an award winning Usability team at NatWest Bank, where he provided usability and analysis support for a wide range of projects and at ntl, where he was the Senior HCI Professional for web developments. Simon holds an MSc in Information Technology and Human Sciences from Loughborough University. He helped to conceive and set up the UXalliance, the international network for user experience has written articles in this area and was one of the contributors to the Handbook of Global User Research.

10:55 - 11:15

Coffee break

11:15 - 11:45

Involving users in the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices

When seeking to involve their users, managers and specialists working with the product development, the design and the marketing of medical devices often have concerns and raise questions such as:

  • - When to involve users the best and the cheapest?
  • - How to maintain a focus on the users throughout the entire process from idea to development and design to launch?
  • - How to ensure that all staff shares the same mental image of the users?
Thomas Visby Snitker Thomas Visby Snitker



Thomas Visby Snitker

Thomas loves when things are easy to use and efficient. But good usability is good business; companies and organisations have a lot to gain when they involve their users in the design and development of their products and service. Thomas is CEO, owner and founder of SnitkerGroup (2005) and FatDUX (2006) established in central Copenhagen with our own usability lab. Thomas published his own book "Breaking Through to the Other Side - Using the user experience in web, interactive tv and mobile services" and contributed two chapters on User Research Around the World and on The Impact of Culture on User research in "Handbook of Global User Research". Both books worth a read.

11:45 - 12:15

Designing for paradigm change

For hundreds of years Finland has had a packet delivery service which required a post office and a postman. Now this is fundamentally changing with the introduction of self-service parcel machines. User experience design helps organisations to increase the success of service innovation projects and paradigm changes. The starting point is to identify all stakeholders involved and their customer journeys. Based on these insights, the service can be subsequently designed and improved. This presentation introduces a recent case study that will explain both steps in detail.

Anna Helminen Anna Helminen

Consultant UX

User Intelligence

Anna Helminen

Anna is a specialist in user experience and able to find the most essential issues for product development through user research. Before her current career in User Intelligence, Anna has worked as a software designer concentrating on user interface and usability issues for the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. During her UI years she has conducted multiple qualitative research projects. She is especially interested in user-centered design throughout the product lifecycle, as well as new methods, which lead to a deeper understanding of the user experience. She is a master of science from Aalto University Usability School, which applies methods from various disciplines, like Industrial Design, Strategic Product Design and Cognitive Science.

12:15 - 12:45

Why mobile experience & design will be different between East and West

How the mobile experience is different between the East (Asia) and the West (Europe and U.S); and how design rules cannot be applied globally. What is intuitive for one country may be confusing for another.
Francis Fung Francis Fung

International UX Business Manager


Francis Fung

Born and raised in London; living and working in Tokyo. Francis is interested in the vast differences in UX between East and West. Having joined Mitsue-Links in Tokyo, Japan; Francis has been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest global e-commerce companies and share his cultural knowledge to help improve products and sites worldwide. His varied background ranges from Sales & Marketing to Graphic & Web Design and Project Management, giving him an insight into all areas regarding UX, users and client satisfaction.

12:45 - 13:45


13:45 - 14:15

Customer Experience (CX) – What it is and why you should have it in your company

Do you want to know what CX brings to a customer and what brings to a business or how to implement and manage it? I will give you the answers. In my talk I will tell you why CX is important for your business and why you should understand to you customers´ experiences. Do not be afraid of only theoretical speech I will show you best practices and case studies to show you how you can change your organization to achieve your goals and targets as well.

Martin Bednář Martin Bednář

Consultant and Trainer


Martin Bednář

Martin has over 20 years experience of managing customer contact and customer satisfaction in a wide range of industries from Financial Services to FMCG. Having a solid sales and customer service background Martin is a consultant and a trainer implementing customer experience and customer focus into organizations. He is also a President of the Czech Customer Experience Association. Martin holds an MBA degree from Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, PA and also gained a Master Trainer of NLP certification at NLP University, Santa Cruz, CA.

14:15 - 14:45

UX and ROI: The impact of UX on the business

UX is becoming a major factor of success when it comes to designing digital services that meet the needs of the customer. 

As the founder of Axance (the first French UX design company dedicated to online services) I will show what 3 companies did to improve dramatically their business by using UX technics at different steps of the design process of their products and services. 

In this talk you will learn how to evaluate the value of UX, how to include business values into UX metrics and how to improve the benefits of a business with a better UX strategy.

Frederic Gaillard Frederic Gaillard

Managing Director


Frederic Gaillard

Frederic is founder and principal of, the leading French company specializing in user experience design for digital services. Today, Frederic is helping Axance’s clients at implementing a user centered strategy, but in his former role he was responsible of the international research and has provided research and design consulting for more than 150 online services since 1999. Before founding Axance, Frederic was a design consultant at various companies with a special interest to end users. He has a passion for human computer interaction and technology adoption. Frederic is also one of the founding members of the UXalliance and takes care of the partners relations into this growing group. Frederic holds diploma in industrial design, MSc in Management and BSc in Art History from La Sorbonne, Paris.

14:45 - 15:15

Embedding experience: Bridging the gap between design and reality

The world is changing: it’s now crazily mobile, with an exploding number of devices and customer touch-points. This is a profound shift which puts a strain on our traditional design approaches. In this talk, Morgan argues that experiences, not interfaces, are the future. To remain relevant and useful, UX designers and organisations need to evolve. In particular, we need to stop obsessing about tools and methods, and concentrate instead on delivering truly embedded experiences.

Morgan McKeagney Morgan McKeagney

Co-founder & Director at Large

iQ Content Limited

Morgan McKeagney

Morgan McKeagney is co-founder and Director with iQ Content, a world-class user experience company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Since 2000, Morgan has been helping smart, global organisations use digital channels to become more successful, more customer-focused, more innovative, more profitable and more efficient.

Economist by training, entrepreneur by nature, Morgan’s big passions are business, creativity, technology and innovation, and how all four can combine to make the world a slightly better place for everyone.

15:15 - 15:40

Building a sustainable UX culture

Practical tips for three key roles in UX process in mid-sized and large companies - UX specialists, managers and agencies. Why these? Because understanding of this process and roles will help you to find out how to overcome your own perspective of UX in order to max it out in both short and long-term.

Jiří Suchý Jiří Suchý

Digital Strategy Director


Jiří Suchý

Jiří is in charge of the EperienceU delivery team. He is responsible for the clients' satisfaction with the finished work and given results as well as the high professional standard of co-operation. He manages, creates and implements key projects for our main clients. 

Jiří has long-lasting experience with online marketing and successful redesigns. A redesign of a O2 website managed by Jiří brought about outstanding commercial results, higher level of satisfaction of customers and last but not least the very first place in the WebTop100 competition. For the LMC company, he initiated the implementation of principles of user affability, for which he lead and developed a team of UX specialists, researchers and designers. As an independent consultant, he has gathered a large amount of experience with user approach and the production of digital strategies for complex online projects.

15:40 - 16:00

Coffee break

16:00 - 16:30

Visualizing your customer's experience with an experience journey map

An experience map tells the story of how your customers interact with your company, products or services. It is a complete visual description of their interaction with multiple touchpoints, across channels, in both the digital and non-digital world. It describes people's emotions, expectations, perceptions and their overall experience. 

By tracing customers' steps, the experience map becomes a powerful tool for understanding your business strengths and weaknesses so your company can make improvements where they are needed. It also helps you share insights with stakeholders, designers and the whole organization in order to build the best possible experience for your client and to bring better business results. 

In this presentation we will show the journey through a holiday vacation using an experience map, we will explain how to identify potential improvements and how to apply the map to your own products and services.

Marcio Leibovitch Marcio Leibovitch

UX Director

Yu Centrik

Marcio Leibovitch

Marcio Leibovitch is a User Experience Designer with 20 years of professional experience in planning, designing and developing interactive products that are both user-friendly and business-driven. Since he joined Yu Centrik in 2005, he has taken part in a number of design and evaluation projects for major players in the Canadian industry including telecommunications, entertainment, health, financial and governmental organizations.

Marcio is an electronic engineer with a degree from PUC University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and had previously worked for companies like Michelin and, the Internet branch of Globo Network, the largest media conglomerate in Latin America.

16:30 - 17:00

Content Strategy

Maybe you cannot create "content first", but you should at least prepare the strategy for it. Why? Because creating UX is not just about layout templates but also structuring the content to ensure its quality and content strategy lets you create guidelines and rules for future website (case study: Credit Agricole) I will add some helpful information as well. For example how planning for the right content enhances user experience for your users and minimises your costs and much more.

Wojtek Chojnacki Wojtek Chojnacki

Strategy & Development Leader


Wojtek Chojnacki

Wojtek is a UX practitioner with 7 years of experience both in user research and UX design. He has conducted UX projects for brands such as LexisNexis, Credit Agricole and Philip Morris. Currently Wojtek is supporting the teams of Symetria in providing the best quality to the clients and developing new skills for the agency.




16:00 - 16:30

UX Driven Innovations

Let's discuss a new approach to product innovation--Customer Focused Innovations--which these days is evangelised mainly by Stanford University and IDEO.

Jiří Mžourek Jiří Mžourek

Director, User Experience Design

AVG Technologies

Jiří Mžourek

Jiri works at AVG Technologies, where he is in charge of a global User Experience team that he built from scratch. Before AVG, he worked as a senior manager at Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Jiri pioneered UX in the Czech Republic, restarted the local chapter of ACM SIGCHI, started a local annual conference (World Usability Day), built the first local usability lab, and cooperated for a long time with Czech Technical University, which led to establishing the first local UX university curriculum.

16:00 - 16:30

Insights into brining User Centric Thinking into a Large Organization

Providing good customer service and value is basic in today's business. Most of us think we do it well. So why do we need to invest in User Experience, Service Design, Customer Experience and all the other new disciplines? Let's talk about it.

Nik Page Nik Page

UX manager

Česká spořitelna, a.s.

Nik Page

Nik is a User Experience & Service Design Evangelist spreading the joy of UX / CX / UCD by conducting User / Customer Research, educating, coaching, and "marketing the benefits" to development teams, customers and ultimately, the bottom line.

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